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In 2016, my mother came to visit me from Saudi Arabia and brought some great Arabic coffee with her. my friends did not leave me for a moment. They visited me day and night and we were enjoying the most beautiful moments together. I was very happy until I heard them whispering that the amount of Arabic coffee is decreasing and what will happen when I run out, that’s when I learnt that they were in fact visiting my coffee and not me! At this point, they started pouring suggestions and solutions to come up with the same great coffee and the same wonderful fresh taste. I was eventually convinced to start a new project taking advantage of grandma’s unique recipes (Grandma Spices and others) and my mother's talented obsession in mixing spices to come up with a great taste. I took my first step and worked my way up until Alwaleed became a well-known brand in the Canadian world of Arabic coffee and spices.

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